The Swiss observatory of Sport and Physical Activity was created on the basis of the "Concept of the Federal Council for Swiss Sports Policy" (2000). The Observatory compiles, analyses and publishes data on the state and development of sport and physical activity in Switzerland in order to create a reliable database to assess Swiss sports and sports policy. The output of the Observatory consists of indicators as well as additional resarch studies on specific issues.


The Observatory complies, analyses and publishes relevant data on important dimensions of Sport in Switzerland. Its work provides information for the Swiss Federal Council as well as for other organisations.

Currently 39 of a total of over 50 planned groups of indicators exist. They refer to the following topics:

  • Promotion of Sport and Physical activity (8 groups of indicators)
  • Education and Resaerch (7 groups of indicators)
  • Top Level Sports (7 groups of indicators)
  • Fair and Safe Sports (10 groups of indicators)
  • Economy (9 groups of indicators)
  • Background data (8 groups of indicators)
  • Special Indicators (4 groups of indicators)

In addition to the development and updating of indicators, the Observarory also compiles research studies with more encompassing information and analyses on selected topics.

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