Apart from an up-to-date infrastructure and highly skilled staff, L&S has an extensive network of contacts with national and international experts. In case of need, close cooperation with these professionals can be established.

Currently the following members of staff are employed at L&S:

  • Dr. Markus Lamprecht (* 1958) studied sociology and psychology at the University of Zürich. He was research assistant and lecturer at the University of Zürich and was head of the sports sociology research unit at the Federal Institute of Technology in Zürich, where he ist still lecturer for sports sociology.
  • Dr. Hanspeter Stamm (* 1961) studied sociology, economics and economic history at the University of Zürich, he was a research assistant at the Federal Institute of Technology Zürich und senior lecturer at the Universitiy of Zürich.
  • lic. phil. Adrian Fischer (* 1969) is a sociologist specialising in sports and prevention. At L&S he mainly works in the area of evaluation research and in studies concerning the development of sports as well as risk and safety in sports and leisure.
  • Dr. sc. med. Angela Gebert (* 1985) holds a Master of Science from the Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich and specialises in sports sciences. She is a partner at L&S. Her work at includes  sport-specific projects as well as evaluation studies.
  • Dr. sc. ETH Rahel Bürgi is a sports scientist specalising in physical activity issues. At L&S she is involved in several projects concerning sport, physical activity and prevention. She is a partner at L&S.

L&S stresses the high scientific standard of its work by publishing in international journals, collected volumes, brochures and books (see publications) as well as by participating regularly at congresses and symposia.

L&S employees are also members of various national and international sceintific organisations:


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